Adventures in Electro-Lutherie

WARHORSE onstage with Rufus Wainwright!

Check out this YouTube clip of violinist Joel Zifkin playing a WARHORSE violin at the Montreal Jazz Festival, live onstage with Rufus Wainwright!


The first CD featuring WARHORSE has been released!

The first CD featuring my WARHORSE violin has been released, and shows how this violin’s tone shines right through distortion and other effects! It’s titled “Home” and is Michael Shulman’s first fully-produced studio album. Michael used WARHORSE violin #1 for all the lead violin parts on every track of the CD (and my 5-string “Black Dragon” for the rhythm violin parts). To listen to clips of every track and download three complete tracks for free, go to the store on his website and scroll down to “Home (2012)”.

Home Front Cover

Oh, and some trivia: I did some of the backing vocals in track 1; and play flute in track 4, pipe organ in tracks 7 and 10, and accordion in track 8. Happy

WARHORSE unit 00 has been assembled.

My prototype WARHORSE violin, dubbed unit 00, has been assembled and strung, and the results are excellent - it’s amazingly sturdy, and the weight is in line with that of my customized Tubular Electric Violins (with the balance point right under the pulleys, surprisingly close to your body). Indeed, you could fight off a pack of wild boars with this instrument and then play a jaunty victory tune on it! I will be working with it over the next week to verify that it I am satisfied with every aspect of its construction and to further polish a few minor design elements. After that, production will begin on units 01 through 06, concurrent with the completion of my remaining Tubular Electric Violin orders.

Website overhauled!

After spending most of the day learning a new website program and exporting shiny graphics from the Rhinoceros CAD program that I use to do design work, I’ve now got a spiffy new website up and running! The old site, in addition to being seriously out-of-date and a bit rough around the edges, focused on my custom work; this new site will still showcase those creations, but is also meant to bring attention to the new WARHORSE line of violins that will be launched next year.