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I’m Eric F. Keebler, an electro-luthier (a maker of electric stringed instruments). I’ve been making electric violins and violas for close to 20 years, and they can now be found on every continent except for Antarctica (if you know of any particularly talented penguins looking for a new instrument, be sure to let me know!). I got into this business to tackle the challenge of creating a pickup system that truly has an “acoustic” sound, that doesn’t require a preamp or EQ, and that can sound great when plugged straight into an average guitar amp. I’ve achieved that goal with my adjustable-timbre pickup system, which sounds great both “clean” and when run through effects processors.

For many years I built custom instruments to meet the needs of players around the globe (photos of some of my custom work from the last decade are posted
here). I am not currently accepting custom-violin orders.

Then I designed a groundbreaking new type of electric violin, the
WARHORSE, that combines my excellent pickup quality with a radical new body design. Recently I’ve been focusing my time on working on special projects for a number of long-time customers; and on developing a new violin design, “Sunspot” (feel free to contact me if you’d like to be notified when my new creation is unveiled)!

One WARHORSE violin - with a lighting module installed - is available for immediate shipment: just $1200 + shipping!

I’ve generally built these violins to-order; however, with just one aluminum body left from the last batch, and with other projects taking priority at the moment, I put this instrument together to be posted here and sold to the first person who grabs it. The finish is a light-silver powder-coating with a maple neck and katalox fingerboard and nut. As you can see in the photos below, it’s a stunner.

To add extra visual excitement, I made a 24-LED lighting module that is now installed in the violin’s spine section; each LED changes color and pulses/blinks independently. There are two modes: a dim mode in which the lights twinkle red (with the occasional flicker of another color), and a bright mode in which the lights are constantly on and changing color. The control switch is located under the strings near the bridge and is very easy to operate. Power is supplied by a single 9-volt battery held in a clip under the lighting module.

A customized hard case is included. Unlike most orders that I accept, there’s NO WAITING LIST for this one - it’s totally completed and ready to ship upon clearance of your payment. A customized hard-shell case is included.
The price is $1200 + shipping (via USPS Registered Mail, fully-insured). Contact me today for more information; I would be happy to speak with you by phone and/or provide additional photographs.

Click here for a video of this violin’s two lighting modes in action!


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The photos below were taken before installation of the lighting module.