Interchangeable lighting modules for the Filament model are now available! Practice without lighting for the best weight and balance, then magnetically add a lighting module in seconds when it’s showtime. Custom designs are also a possibility!


I’m Eric F. Keebler, an electro-luthier (a maker of electric stringed instruments). I’ve been making electric violins and violas for over 20 years, and they can now be found on every continent except for Antarctica. I got into this business to tackle the challenge of creating a pickup system that truly has an acoustic-violin sound, that doesn’t require a preamp or EQ, and that can sound great when plugged straight into an average guitar amp. I’ve achieved that goal with my adjustable-timbre pickup system, which sounds great both “clean” and when run through effects processors.

For many years I built custom
Tubular Electric Violins and Violas to meet the needs of players around the globe. Then I designed the WARHORSE with a radical aluminum body and unique string path. Most recently I’ve launched the Filament, combining many elements of my previous work with extensive research and many rounds of refinement to produce my best-sounding and most ergonomic violin yet.