E. F. Keebler Musical Instruments


Tough, yet sensitive.

WARHORSE is a revolutionary electric violin I have designed based on my decade of experience creating high-end custom instruments for professional players around the world. It’s built to withstand tough conditions on the road, and possesses the unrivalled tonal quality and versatility that my instruments have come to be known for. Photos of this new model are shown above and to the left; click on them to see larger versions.

WARHORSE combines the best design elements of my classic Tubular Electric Violins (TEV) with a new level of durability and balance, topped off with sleek and aggressive styling. WARHORSE features include:
  • The same unparalleled, hand-made, adjustable-timbre pickup system that I have used on all my instruments for the past several years. Plug straight into a guitar amp (solid-state or tube) for amazingly “acoustic” tone - without needing a preamp or EQ.
  • Aluminum spine and bout sections, precisely machined from solid blocks of metal and hard-coat anodized to help resist scratches and with none of the chipping potential inherent in lacquer finishes.
  • My ground-breaking string path design (patent pending), featuring tuners beneath the violin to allow for extremely comfortable tuning with the left hand while holding the instrument in playing position.
  • An all-new neck curve design based on an extremely high-end professional template, topped off with the classic visual styling of the classic TEV scroll. The neck is maple with a linseed oil finish, which, unlike lacquer-finished necks, allows your hand to move as freely as on an acoustic violin’s neck.
  • Radically new visual style with TEV references.

Michael Shulman, above, plays WARHORSE #1 (also shown below).

Joel Zifkin playing a WARHORSE violin, accompanying Rufus Wainwright at the Montreal Jazz Festival. YouTube video here.